FAQs about Sign Writing

Signwriting FAQs

How long does a timber sign last?

It is not possible to give a guaranteed lifespan for a timber sign – it depends on the exposure, use and surface finish used.

However, I can give an assurance that durable hardwoods are used for the signs, and good quality exterior paints and sign writing enamels.

Please note that some paint colours, such as red, are more prone to fading. If gold leaf is used, 23ct gold needs no further varnishing.

Can the signs be delivered?

Yes, signs can be designed remotely and couriered to you or delivered in the Rutland, South Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire area.

Can signs be painted in situ?

Yes. I prefer to work in a quiet environment , however I am equally happy to work in a busy shopping street or from scaffolding for painting on buildings.
Cowgate Hand-painted Sign, Peterborough

If I need Planning , Listed Building or Advertising consent, can you apply on my behalf?

Yes, I am happy to liaise with your Local Authority and I can provide high quality computer drafted drawings to accompany your application.

drawings for planning consent

Can I provide my own design?

Yes, if you already have a design or logo you wish to use, I can reproduce this or replicate an existing sign.
I can, of course, assist with choice of font, design and layout decisions and illustrations if you so choose.

How much do they cost?

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a “price per letter” as each sign is individual. The cost of a handprinted sign is unlikely to compete with a vinyl computer printed sign, as it will reflect the number of hours of craftsmanship that goes into the completed sign.
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Do you install the signs?

Yes I am happy to hang signs if required.

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Hand crafted signs peterborough