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Victoria has over twenty-five years of experience of the art of sign writing, which is something of a dying art, there being few traditional signwriters left in the region. While plastic or vinyl signs are quick to produce, they lack some of the character and individuality of a handpainted timber signs. Why not attract attention to your house, business or community by commissioning a bespoke sign?

By using traditional carpentry skills and combining this with modern durable paint systems, it is possible to create a sign that will stand the test of time.

There is literally no limitation to the lettering, illustrations, layouts and specialist techniques that can be used. Victoria has undertaken all types of sign work including hanging signs, shop fascias, honours boards, vehicle livery, gold leaf work, A-Frame signs and painting directly onto buildings.

Victoria uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) to produce sign layouts so you can be sure of what your sign will look like prior to work starting. Equally, freehand work can be undertaken for a truly unique product.

Wooden Sign Fabrication

Traditional carpentry methods are used to fabricate your sign, and we strive to prove a high level of finish even before any paint system is applied.

Alternatively, you may choose from a number of sustainable hardwoods that can be prepared and simply vanished enhance the natural wood grain. Should your sign require a moulding as an edging or border, this will always be a hardwood moulding, never pine.


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